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Fondation Smartpeace

FONDATION SMARTPEACE (Initiatives for Peace) is an independent charitable and tax exempt foundation pursuant to the Swiss Civil Code with office in Zurich, Switzerland. It is supervised by the Federal Department of Home Affairs FDHA.

It promotes peaceful relationships between human beings, groups and peoples in all countries of the world by supporting without distinction to country, nationality, race, religion, gender or any other grounds for discrimination

  • activities of non-governmental organizations which support institutions, groups and people to become true pioneers of peace;
  • university teaching and research activities in psychology, sociology and pedagogical sciences which promote visions, concepts and methods that help to transform people and groups into true pioneers of peace;
  • political movements dedicated to non-violent conflict resolution, reconciliation and sound coexistence between groups of persons of different origins and persuasions;

always provided that religious organizations with proselytizing tendencies and organizations of the nature of a sect shall not be supported. Applications will be reviewed and classified by the Expert Committee.